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Hi, I'm Christie and what I love to do is create.

My name is Christie Clark and I am a native Floridian, red-head, artist and owner of Copper Creative who just loves to create. Create what, you ask? I create all kinds of kinds! The main things I tend to focus on with my business, #CopperCreative, are calligraphy, hand-lettering, and graphic design. I would say that I cater mostly to the wedding realm and the business world. Two totally different spheres, I know, but why limit yourself?

Why the name Copper Creative? Well it may seem kind of silly, but my hair is red and I didn’t just want to use my name for my business. I had been called “copper top” by a friend and have also been told my hair looks like copper, so BOOM - Copper Creative was born. #ilovecopper Fun fact: copper is described as a soft, malleable, and ductile metal, which I say represents my business very well. My talents are malleable - I’m able to combine my skills in drawing, lettering, and graphics to create beautiful invitations, design a fresh new logo for a business, or hand-letter invitations to a fancy event!

I hope to be creatively helpful to anyone in any stage in their life!

Getting married? I got you.

Bringing a precious baby into this world? Let’s chat!

Starting a new business? Logo and all the pieces, done.

Need to re-brand? I’m your girl!

If I didn’t list something that you may need lettered or designed, please reach out! There’s a very good chance I can create what you desire.



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