5 ways to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding!

Updated: May 15, 2018

Calligraphy and hand lettering is such a unique touch that can add that extra level of detail you want for the most important and special day in your life! I wanted to share 5 ways that you can incorporate beautiful dip pen calligraphy or hand lettering into your big day.

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Dip pen calligraphy and custom wedding invitations by Copper Creative

1. Invitations

Of course, there’s the given: hand addressed envelopes! A truly timeless feature, dip pen calligraphy on your wedding invitations can heighten the experience and presentation of your invite to your guests. Having your envelopes hand addressed is such a personal and detailed art, your guests will see that you really care about them and this day. With so many different writing styles and plenty of ink and envelope colors, you’re sure to match the ambiance of your wedding that you’re working so hard to make perfect!

Welcome sign, wedding board, hand letter, hand lettering, calligraphy, custom, Naples, wedding, bride, groom
Welcome to the wedding hand lettered board by Copper Creative.

2. Welcome + General Signage

Tell ‘em how you feel! Whether it’s welcoming your guests to your wedding, telling them to “pick a seat, not a side” or that your wedding is an “unplugged one” - a hand lettered sign can make your guests feel welcome and get a message across all in one fell swoop! Don’t think that all signage has to be a chalkboard, get creative with it! Mirrors and windows make a great canvas for hand lettering.

3. Seating Chart

Something that I have noticed an upward trend in is the seating chart. Just like the welcome signs, this display can be a chalkboard, window, mirror, picture frames, a wooden board, the ideas are endless {thanks to Pinterest!}. Also, be sure to dress up your board with some greenery, florals, and/or ribbons - tie your theme all together!