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8 Tips to plan your engagement session outfit with Samantha Webber Photography!

This time on the Copper Creative Blog, I've got my great gal pal and the fabulous photographer Samantha Webber! We met at our Rising Tide Society #TuesdaysTogetherTampaBay meeting and she is just a literal ray of sunshine. I asked her to fill us in on her best tips and tricks when it comes to planning your outfits for your engagement photoshoot. I know that when I first got engaged, I was super excited for the engagement photoshoot, but also clueless when it came to what we were to wear. Of course, I scoured Pinterest and saw what others wore, but would have really enjoyed some advice from an actual photographer... I'm gonna stop yacking now and let Samantha take over!




Hey friends! I'm Samantha, and I am a wedding photographer who loves ice cream, traveling the world, and sitting by the ocean with my best friend (and husband), Josh! I am based in Central Florida and serving my #samanthawebberbrides is one of my greatest passions! Because I photograph almost all of my brides’ engagement sessions, I have a few tried and true tricks up my sleeve to make their engagement sessions look amazing. And, Christie has asked me to share a few of those tips with you! So, here are my top 8 tips when it comes to planning your look for your engagement session! Congratulations, girl! And I know you are going to look fabulous!

1. Coordination is Key

In the world of stylizing outfits, I’ve always heard, “Coordinate, don’t match.” And if you are anything like me, the phrase has left you with more questions than answers. But, all it really means is that the colors you pick should compliment each other.

For example, your guy could wear a white button down with gray slacks and a navy tie while you wear a soft pink dress with a navy necklace.

The first key in this combination is that you and your man aren’t sporting the same main colors. His main colors are white and gray and yours is pink. However, some overlap is okay since you are both wearing navy accents.

The second key is that all the colors (Gray, white, pink and navy) compliment each other. You wouldn’t want to add bright orange shoes with green polka dots. The orange and green would not compliment the rest of the colors.

2. Dress with Confidence

Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your outfits of choice! If you think your skirt is too tight or your feel uneasy about the colors, go ahead and pick a different outfit. You want to feel amazing at your engagement session! If you don’t, you might be able to tell that you are uncomfortable in the pictures!

3. Neutral & Soft

In terms of photography, neutral and soft colors are very flattering on camera. White, creams, blues, pinks, or any softer color tones will make your skin tones look awesome!

4. Where’s the Color?

If you are a lover of color, you might be struggling with the neutral suggestion above. But just because you dress in soft colors or neutrals doesn’t mean your outfit has to be bland! Feel free to add your colors back in with your accessories! A colorful statement necklace, purse, or your guy’s tie can really add in some fun to your outfit!

5. Guys and Layers

Layers look good on everyone. But, they especially look good on your guy! Whether he’s wearing a dapper suit or a sweater over a button-up, layers just make your guy look his best.

6. Things to Avoid

Okay, so we’ve talked a lot about what looks good on camera, but here are some things that usually don’t. Overwhelming patterns, large logos, baggy clothing, or horizontal stripes are unflattering when photographed.

7. Remember Your Accessories

It’s so easy to plan your clothing options and so easy to forget about accessories! So, remember to pick out your jewelry, watch, ties, and other accessories you want to bring or wear!

8. Bring Your Touch-Up Bag

Is it going to be hot or rainy on the day or your engagement session? If so, I would bring your makeup bag with you for touch-ups! Chap stick, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, powder, and hairspray can be super helpful to bring along! I would also bring a few makeup remover wipes in case your mascara starts to run.


All photos by Samantha Webber Photography!


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