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Wedding Invitation Suite Wording and Elements!

So you’re engaged, cue the confetti and pop the bubbly! You’ve got the {perfect} date and your {dream} venue set, which means you’re ready to invite your guests! Well, you can invite them once you set your guest list… I don’t want to overwhelm you tooooo much because as you’ve probably come to learn planning a wedding is a lot of work! If you need and want a wedding planner, I can recommend a few throughout the state of Florida and even into the state of Colorado, just leave a comment or send me an email :) {}

Getting back on track… I’m here to fill you in on the wedding invitation suite. I have a cute little infographic that points out the information that should/could be on your wedding invitations!

Now when it comes to the actual content that’s on the wedding invitation, that can be a little intimidating. I’m sure you’re asking questions like: Do I include both parent’s names? {it depends on who’s “hosting”} Do I include my registry on the invitation? {never!} Does it need to be so formal? {that’s up to you!}

I’ve included a simple cheat sheet for you to see what wording fits your criteria.

Okay, so you’ve got the invitation set - now what else do you include? Your invitation suite can be as simple or complex as you please! This is YOUR wedding! Typically though, you will want to at least include an RSVP card. This card can be something your guests fill out and return to you. {Tip: Be sure to include postage for your guests to send it back to you!} Or you can have them RSVP online to an email address or a web form on your wedding website. Be sure to include a line for your guests to write their names on and you can get a little creative with the wording of if they’re going to come or not. Instead of “accepts” you could have something like “let’s party” and “declines” could be “bummer, can’t go”. It doesn’t have to be that informal, but you understand what I’m saying… right? If you’re having a plated dinner rather than a buffet, the RSVP card is typically where you have your guests select their menu item for the reception dinner.

Another piece you’ll want to consider is a Rehearsal Dinner card. This is something that will be sent to certain guests, though! So there’s no need to order the same amount as you will for the Invitation and RSVP cards. If you don’t have those details ironed out right away, another option for the Rehearsal Dinner announcement is to do a digital invite. {Tip: Paperless Post is a great website that I’ve had experience using!}

One last piece I’ve had bride and groom’s request is a Details card. This is a great piece to add guest accommodations, your gift registry, and any other details you would like your guests to know! All of this information most likely lives on your wedding website, but some may not ever go to your website so this is a nice {and super pretty} way to display the information to make sure they get it.

Now, you have to put all of these pieces into an envelope and get them to your guests, right? Why not send it to them with a little extra flair? I’m talking about dip pen calligraphy! Calligraphy is a great way to enhance your wedding invitation suite {and not give your hand a cramp when you’re writing out everyone’s address PLUS your return address}. I have an array of colors you can choose from, but some of my most popular colors are black, navy and gold!

There you have it, most of what you need to know to get your wedding invitation suite put together. Of course, I’d love to help make your visions come to life! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email {} for a quote for your completely custom wedding invitation suite.

Cheers! Christie

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