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Branding Class for Mississippi Business Owners

Hey you, yeah - I see you! You’re doing the research and taking the steps to create a business you’re proud of. Way to go! Know that we have both been in your shoes before. At the very start of our chapter in our small business and we are here to help you put the pieces together. Before you can even start marketing your business, you need a foundation to stand on that showcases who you are, what you do, and how you can help and/or serve your customers. That’s where we come in. The foundation we referenced is your brand… and a brand is more than just a logo.

Let's back up a bit though. Let me tell you how we came up with this course and why we felt a calling to put it on! Karri came to me one day and said, "Would you want to partner with me to put on a branding course for local business owners? There are so many entrepreneurs out there who need a brand that encompasses WHO they are."

I quite literally jumped with excitement when she came to me with this idea because I'm just about obsessed with branding. Whether I'm at the grocery store, watching television, scrolling through social media – my eye is drawn to design. Good design, bad design, all design really. My brain starts firing off ideas of how I would've done something differently or I make a mental note to try that concept in an upcoming project.

It was a no-brainer to jump on board with Karri because she is a photography master and has a background in marketing. Our skills mesh together to give you the best of three worlds: marketing, branding, and photography. We will coin this trio "visual storytelling" – that's the world we live in right now. We want connection, entertainment, and information in a visual format. We also believe in small businesses local to us here in Mississippi and we want to build a relationship with them to further their success as an entrepreneur.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. Hosting our first Better Built Brands course on Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Upcountry Camp’s HQ in Ridgeland!

Address: 292 Commerce Drive, Ridgeland, MS

So I went to the drawing board with putting together the brand identity for this course, naturally. {You may have seen me post some different logo options over on Instagram!}

Who is it for? This branding course is for ANY business owner in the Jackson-metro {MS} area who wants to dive into branding their business and learning from experts in the fields of marketing, branding, and photography.

What will I learn? You will learn the fundamentals of branding your business through establishing your brand identity and constructing a marketing plan to put your business on the map.

What do I get?

✨ 3 hours of workshop style learning with a group of like minded entrepreneurs

✨ a comprehensive guide on branding

✨ a marketing plan to implement into your business

✨ a professional headshot by Karri Chaney {come camera ready!}

✨ exclusive discounts for branding packages with us

✨ new connections to add to your network of professionals {and maybe a few friends too!}

How do I sign up? Head on over to and register ASAP! This opportunity is only available to 8 people so we can give you as much one on one attention as possible!

How much is it? The course is only $295 with a total value of $825!

Do you have other questions? Send me an email at! I'd love to connect with you.


Karri Chaney is the owner of Style + Brand Photography. She is a wife, mom, and photographer based in Madison, Mississippi. She has a degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Christie Clark is the owner of Copper Creative. She is a wife, mom, and graphic designer based in Brandon, Mississippi. She has a degree in Media & Communication Studies and Studio Art from Florida State University.

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