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The second proposal: Will you be my bridesmaid?!

Updated: May 31, 2018

So, aside from marrying the love of your life {your soulmate, your best friend, the peanut butter to your jelly} one of the other most exciting parts of the whole process is having your best gal pals by your side through the whole thing! {Well, that at least what I think.} Whether you have one or twelve, they are there to help you with the details of all the planning. Remember, you’ve got lots gatherings like an engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and the big big day! Having those extra hands {and brains} to help execute is a big sigh of relief - believe me!

I know that I had a blast creating my bridesmaid ask boxes, mainly because I’m just a crafty, gift-giving kind of gal. One of my longest time best friends, Laura, is super talented and captured an amazing photo of the box she received from me. She styled it better than I could imagine! {You should definitely go check out her insta @lauractheobald - it's fabulous!}

Asking your friends and family to be in your bridal party is such a special moment and it’s kind of like a mini proposal in itself. You can go small or big with the ask, but I wanted to share a few ideas that I think are so cute and are versatile!

I don’t know about you, but I know that I LOVE receiving a box of goodies - especially in the mail! It’s like super cute care package. First and foremost, you’ve got to have a card! It can be a folded one or a postcard style one, it just needs to be something that you can write a meaningful message to your bridesmaid {because you know she’s gonna say yes!}. Lucky for you, I’ve got just the thing! I’ve created a watercolor + calligraphy note that you can print right off and include in your ask. Just click right here to snag yours today! Next, something that is personalized really speaks volumes to how special this ask is and how much that person means to you. Let’s be honest, we all love something that’s made just for us!

Some cute ideas for that would be:

  • Mini champagne bottles that have their name printed on them

  • Jewelry with their initial or name

  • Drink ware (Tervis, Yeti, Corkcicle, etc.) that has their initial on them. P.S. - I know that #CotonColors has some super cute Wedding Tervis for the entire wedding party! That’s what I gifted my gals, it's the Tervis in the photo(s)! Check them out here:

The final touches are the best way to add in a little extra flair. Here’s some ideas:

  • Travel size perfume (Victoria’s Secret usually has a great deal!)

  • Lip balm/color

  • Hair ties (to help tie the knot)

  • Ring pop (a big ole tasty rock)

  • Nail polish in your wedding colors or their fave color

  • Mini hand sanitizer (hit up the Bath & Body Works - you know you’ve got a coupon)

  • Mini candle (hello Marshall’s!)

  • Picture frame with a cute pic of you two (of course!)

Once you’ve got all the goodies, throw in some tissue paper, glitter, tinsel, confetti - whatever floats your boat! Boom, you've got the perfect gift all in a box!

Now, you don’t have to incorporate ALL of the things into your box. Do what speaks to you and your bridesmaids (and your budget). But, you’ve got to think, these ladies are going to have to invest some money into your wedding, as well. Think: dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair, travel, accommodations, etc. - so spending a little extra on them goes a long way to show you care and cherish them!

Cheers! Christie

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