The Laura: a Semi-Custom Invitation Suite

When searching for your wedding invitations, there are so many options and I hope that I can be one of them for you! I have a small {but growing} collection of semi-custom invitation suites for you to choose from that feature hand-painted artwork by yours truly. The names of each suite is a near and dear friend or family member. The first six in the collection were my bridesmaids on my wedding day!

What is a Semi-Custom Invitation Suite?

So you may be asking, what is a "semi-custom invitation suite?" That's a fantastic question! A semi-custom invitation suite is a pre-made design that you can choose for me to edit with your personal details!

So, what all is included?

For the most part, each semi-custom invitation suite includes an invitation and reply card with corresponding imprinted envelopes. {A few suites include an additional details card or a monogram crest – it just depends on which style strikes your fancy!} Also, I want to point out that "imprinted envelopes" is a fancy way to let you know that your guest's addresses and your return address can and will be printed onto the envelopes! No need to write it all out, I can take care of that for you. Then all of this is printed and shipped in a box straight to your doorstep. I work with an awesome, family-owned printer based out of Birmingham, Alabama called Printswell Fulfillment.

Let's get to the good part, the featured invitation!

Romantic pinks with a touch of greenery is what you will get with the Laura invitation suite. Laura is one of my oldest friends. We met at the end of 6th grade where our mutual friend Eileen introduced us. Laura signed my t-shirt {H.A.G.S. anyone?} and a week later we were at the same summer camp. From there, the rest is history! We grew up together, obsessed over High School Musical together, danced for three years together, and cheered all four years of high school together. Even though college separated us distance-wise, we never lost our connection. She is such a smarty-pants {hello Ms. Aeronautical Engineer} with a super creative side and a knack for style! I couldn't imagine my childhood or current adulthood without her in it!

With The Laura, there are additional pieces you can have to complete your set. The following pieces are available:

1. Invitation with envelope

2. Envelope liner for A7 Envelope

3. RSVP Card with envelope

4. Details Card

You can either choose to have the details card and envelope liner complete your look or just stick with the invitation and RSVP card! The choice is YOURS, my friend 💕

If The Laura is screaming your name {and matches your wedding day theme perfectly} then let's get this party started! Just send me an email at 😍

View the rest of the collection here.

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