One year down, a lifetime to go!

One year later, here we are. Our wedding day was a serious fairytale-like dream. Everything may not have gone exactly to plan, but it was hands down the best day ever. I constantly replay scenes from that day over and over in my head. It was seriously so magical! Can we just do it all over again??

wedding, marriage, couple, bride and groom, bouquet, flowers, Naples wedding, Wyndemere country club
Mr. + Mrs. Clark | Photo by Andrew Do Photography

A lot had happened just before our wedding, including Nick receiving a promotion that moved us from our beloved tiny home (see the blog here to learn more about that) to Tampa Bay, starting a new job in a new town where neither of us knew anybody, and planning a wedding that was 5 months later. So we moved, started new jobs, and planned a wedding all at the same time. But, we made it through!! And that’s a testament to our relationship. Nick and I are willing to adapt and we always say something along the lines of “it’ll work out” or “we’ll make it work” to each other. I love how we can work our way to a solution and it’s always a team effort. Sorry not sorry for getting all sappy over here - it’s a one year anniversary blog post, I’m allowed to do that, right?!

So I mentioned that everything didn’t go to plan… because it was June in Florida. Weather is so unpredictable. We were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony on the lawn overlooking the golf course at Wyndemere Country Club in Naples. It down-poured from early in the morning to just before the ceremony around 5:30 pm. Meredith and Kelly, two gal pals of my bridal party, took charge of making sure I had nothing to worry about. They worked out the perfect scenario with the venue coordinator, Meghan Sampson, {who was a complete sweetheart!} and we had the ceremony on the upstairs patio/lounge area where we were truly overlooking the golf green. The view from up high was so beautiful {and it was much cooler}!

wedding, marriage, you may kiss the bride, Naples wedding, Wyndemere country club
Photo by Andrew Do Photography

Our photographer, Andrew Do Photography, was so nimble and worked in our first look and bridal party sessions in between the pockets of rain. Our photos turned out beautifully and I cannot thank him enough! Also, I know it was so miserably humid - if any of our bridal party reads this… WE APPRECIATE YOU and love you so so so much. I know Nick was trying his best, too, to keep his cool ;)

bridal party, bridesmaids, best gals, best friends, floral, champagne, marriage, bride
My best gals! | Photo by Andrew Do Photography

FUNNY MOMENT RECAP: All right y’all, so the removal of the garter was probably one of my most favorite (yet embarrassing) moments of the entire night. My husband is 6’4” - so he’s a pretty tall dude. I’m not that short myself at 5’9”. Anyways, when I sat down in a chair in the middle of the dance floor, Nick was determined to take off the garter with his teeth. With a mermaid/trumpet style dress, it was a little snug, but he managed to get it. The best part of this was when he got down to my foot, he had to lay flat on the floor and slide himself back to get it off. The faces of everyone watching and myself are hilarious! {photo below for proof}

wedding, bride and groom, garter take off, funny, Naples wedding
He was determined! | Photo by Andrew Do Photography