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I 😍 The Rising Tide Society.

Starting a business in a new city where you basically don’t know anyone is super scary and overwhelming… but like that one quote says, “If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough” {or something like that}. So here I am, trying to sprout wings on my dream of being a creative entrepreneur.

Among all of the awesome podcasts I’ve been listening to {Goal Digger Podcast, She Creates Business, Focused, Fueled with Heart - just to name a few} they all mention making connections and building relationships. They also kept mentioning this thing called The Rising Tide Society. For some reason I thought it was some group that was only up in New York because that’s where all of the creatives are, right? With a little google magic and some help from Facebook friends, I found out that The Rising Tide Society is HUGE and is compiled of many different creative talents! I knew I had wanted to join a networking group, but couldn’t find one that would cater to my needs as a creative business owner. {Not that other networking groups aren’t great, I just needed something a little different!} I found the #TuesdaysTogetherTampaBay group on Facebook and joined right away! Upon approval into the Facebook group *squeals* they did a “Member Spotlight” and featured my business + photo on their instagram AND on Facebook. I was ecstatic to see that! The first meeting I attended was April 10. I made some awesome connections with so many amazing women {and a few fellas!} including the leadership board, photographers, venue owners, wedding planners, and life coaches!

The big juicy part of this entire blog is the fact that I was able to help out a fellow Tider {is that okay to say?!} when she posted in our local Facebook group. Stacey Price of Stacey Price Events reached out asking for someone to hand-letter some signs for an upcoming styled shoot. Of course I jumped to the opportunity and I’m so happy I did. A quick trip to get supplies and a few hours later I had all of the pieces they needed to complete the shoot, which included some hand-lettered acrylic menus, a large hand-lettered acrylic sign, and vows done in gold dip pen calligraphy. The photoshoot took place down at Fort Desoto State Park, which is so gorgeous and you should go if you haven’t! What a dreamy location! Every single person at that photoshoot was super friendly and so passionate for their creative talent. I simply cannot WAIT to see all of the photos from the several talented photographers. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of photos I snagged!

calligraphy, hand lettered, hand letter, hand lettering, gold, tropical, beach wedding, pink, green, sparkle, sequins
Tropical place settings with hand lettered acrylic menus.

calligraphy, hand lettered, hand letter, hand lettering, gold, tropical, beach wedding, pink, green, sparkle, sequins
Fuchsia pink wedding cake display with hand lettered acrylic sign

calligraphy, hand lettered, hand letter, hand lettering, gold, tropical, beach wedding, pink, green, sparkle, sequins
Overhead shot of tropical place setting

Now, we had a meeting last night, May 9th and as we went around the room sharing our “win” for the week/month/quarter I HAD to share about my experience with Stacey and the photoshoot. Ironically enough the woman sitting next to me, Elaina who is a fabulous florist and owner of Cotton & Magnolia, was also a part of the styled shoot! We high-fived 💁‍♀️ This just goes to show how amazing and impactful this group is!

I am for real The Rising Tide Society’s BIGGEST cheerleader! I’m sure there are others like me out there, but boy do I love this group! Just the energy and what RTS stands for #CommunityOverCompetition gets me fired up. What a glorious concept of abundance rather than scarcity. If you’re looking for a networking group that creates meaningful relationships and opportunities galore, find out if there’s a Tuesdays Together near you! I don’t know how or why I didn’t find this group sooner!!





Of the styled shoot:

Tablescape: Kate Ryan Linens -

Dress: The White Magnolia Bridal Collection Tampa -

Cake: The Artistic Whisk, LLC -

Signage and Menus: Copper Creative -

Invitations: Sarah Bubar Designs -

Hair and Makeup: Lasting Luxe Hair and Makeup Artistry -

Jewlery: Cultured Threads -

Planning and Design: Stacey Price Events and Nicole Marcellus Photography - and

Florals: Cotton & Magnolia -

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Awesomeness. Let me take this weekend to work on some interview questions!


Christie Clark
Christie Clark
May 31, 2018

Hi hi Jacki! I'm all about some collaboration and networking :) Let's do it!!


Hey girl! It's Jacki (from work), if you're interested, I could, at some point, interview you and have that be a featured post on my website (and yours, if you want) and promote it on my Twitter. I have somewhere in the ballpark of 1500 followers. #networking

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