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Birthdays are for creating cute cards.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had this love for making homemade birthday cards. It was practically my favorite thing to do. Even throughout high school, my gal pals knew me to make them a one-of-a-kind “Christie’s Cards” creation for their special day. ’Til this day, I still love to make cards {and I love to receive them even more}! So this past weekend was my momma’s birthday. Naturally, I had to make her a card! I got out my watercolors and just started playing with colors, blending, and shapes. My mom and I are essentially twins, so I chose two of my favorite shades of colors, aqua and pink, to adorn her card with. I hand-lettered the front with a classic "happy birthday", wrote my message to her on another piece of paper {and signed for my husband because let’s be honest, I wanted to write his name so it all looked perfect!}, punched some holes and tied it up with two pieces of pink tulle.

Along with this precious card came a quirky gift. It’s always so difficult to shop for your mom because you want it to be meaningful. It’s not always the cost of the gift, but more the impact it makes! I remembered she sent me an instagram message from a boutique we both follow {@southernfriedchics anyone?} and it featured a bear wearing a red bandana. The caption of the image said, “… Calling all MAMA Bears!” Boom, sold! The shirt was perfect because when we go trail riding {ATVs} we always tie a bandana around our heads - just like the bear on the shirt!

Since we are a wee bit closer to my family now, Nick and I had a quick weekend trip down to Naples to visit for my momma’s birthday. Upon arrival, I just couldn’t wait for her to open her gift. The card was a hit and definitely the most feminine one with the pink tulle bows and all. She instantly loved the shirt and of course I insisted {a lot} for her to try the shirt on. She loved it! She wore it the next day as I treated both of us to pedicures at a local nail spa and then met up with my husband and father for lunch. Saturday night was spent at her favorite taco joint, Tacos & Tequila and then we bobbed our heads to the music at Whiskey Park, a new local bar.

Sunday drew the fun-filled weekend to a close, but we were able to savor every moment together by visiting my brother’s home with his {big} St. Bernard pups and sweet girlfriend, Morgan. She gave my husband a fresh new hair-do, which looks aaaaamazing, and gifted me with the cutest mug from her travels to Paris and a set of hand-painted mermaid stemless wine glasses! {#mermaidforlife}. Before hitting the road North, we indulged on some Cuban cuisine at Fernandez the Bull, which I learned was the spot my dad would take my mom out to once a week while she was pregnant with me. {so cute!!}

hand-lettering, watercolor, handmade, calligraphy

Ah, what an awesome weekend we had {even though I was sick a good majority of it}. I want to gift you with my love for card making with a F R E E download of my happy birthday watercolor creation. Just click on the word "Freebie" up in the menu bar! Feel free to frame it and give it to a friend or print it out and make it into a card, the choice is yours! I hope this helps light up the life of your best gal pal, your momma, your sista, your brotha, your teacher, etc. etc. etc. ;)

Until next time,

Xo - Christie

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