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We know why you're here...

You're either new to the biz or are finally ready to make that next step to define your brand for your small business, and we couldn't be more THRILLED that you're here! The Better Built Brands Course was created with the side-hustler and entrepreneur in mind. As two multi-jobbed side-hustlers ourselves, we wanted a way to be a resource to those like us because we know how much that goes into running a successful business. 

Image by Danielle MacInnes

Christie Clark, Graphic Designer

Owner of Copper Creative

Christie is the owner and graphic designer of Copper Creative with 8 years of industry experience and a degree in studio art and communication from Florida State University. Copper Creative offers a unique graphic design experience for small businesses by providing the best branding, marketing collateral, and stationery.

Karri Chaney, Photographer

Owner of Style & Brand Photography

Karri is the owner and photographer of Style & Brand Photography with over 5 years of photography experience and a true passion for visual story-telling. She specializes in personal brand photography for the entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers of Mississippi.

What you'll get from this course

Actionable Steps to build your brand like a boss

A clear vision of your brand through brand photography

A marketing plan to implement into your business

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